Sunday, August 2, 2009


Semi-Finalist in the "Final 15" judging round! I can be honest about saying that I was completely shocked when I saw the results. While our campaign was a success and I thought our pre and post campaign reports were good, it is still crazy to imagine yourself as a semi-finalist. Yes, we didn't win..obviously..but to be recognised like this is amazing and I am very proud to have been part of such a great team.

What makes it even more exciting is that we are receiving certificates, woohoo! I'm a fan of certificates (gotta make that CV look good) and I know Calli and Sarah will be pleased too!

I'm sure you will see more of us three girls..taking the world by our own little way! :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

OMG! Top 15 - Top 5!!

I cannot believe it!
"J'en reviens pas! Ca dechire!" like we use to say in France!

We made it against 2,187 student teams! :p
It was already an amazing experience, and we get results! So happy!

Well done girls!
We have to celebrate soon!!!


Top 15!

Well.. the results are in. Much to my utter surprise and delight... wait, more than that.. I am totally stoked! Our team made the Top 15... to be precise we are ranked #10.

Well done girls!! My goal coming into this Challenge but to put my marketing knowledge to the test, enjoy the journey along the way, and just do my best, and I couldn't be happier with our result.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Since the Challenge is over, there is nothing really much to blog about these days. Advice is always needed so why not some advice for next years Challenge participants. This is my personal advice but I'm sure Calli and Sarah will be happy to blog soon enough with their words of wisdom. So what advice shall I give?? Read along my bloggers....

Quick Tips To Succeed In The Google Online Marketing Challenge

1. Research & Learn as much as you can about AdWords
2. Pick a client that sells products and is someone who shows an actual interest in the challenge
3. Know your target market
4. Work as a team and help each other out
5. Schedule meetings to discuss the Challenge
6. Website Optimisation and choice of landing pages is key
7. The content network is either your friend or enemy, find out asap.
8. Geo-targeting is important and can affect the success of your campaign
9. Keep note of your progress..a blog is a good idea! :D

- Natasha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life After The Google Online Challenge

After three weeks of CTR's, CPC's, Keywords, Impressions and Adgroups..the challenge is now over!

I'm sure you are interested in how our campaign went so I have included our results below.

Impressions 104,826

Clicks 223

CTR 0.21%

Avg CPC $0.80

Cost $178.13

KeyWord w/ Most Clicks 'pilates perth' 20
Keyword w/ Highest CTR 'verve gym for women' 100%
KeyWord w/ most impressions 'yoga' 2,588

Ad with Most Clicks 26

Women's Only Boot Camp
4-Week Kick Start Program
Lose Weight and Feel Great.

Ad with Highest CTR 50%

Personal Trainer Perth
Womens Only Health Club.
Get Results. Stay Fit For Winter.

Most Successful Campaign
- Memberships

I speak for the group when I say that this has been an unforgettable experience. There were definitely times when the word google gave me a headache but I have learned so much from this challenge that I wish I could do it again. The first week was a bit of a blur because everything was new to us and it was our experimental stage. We didn't change anything because we wanted to give all of our keywords and adgroups a chance, aww. Once we realised that the content network was NOT working in our favour, we turned it off and saw a CRAZZZY decrease in impressions. Just look at the differences in impressions while the content network was on and when it was turned off.

Week 1 Impressions *Content Network ON*
- 86,384

Week 2 Impressions *Content Network OFF*
- 11,911

Week 3 Impressions
*Content Network OFF & Budget Increased*
- 6,252

While the content network may be great for a lot of products, we believe it isn't as helpful when selling a service.

We didn't get the CTR we had hoped for but we are still happy with the overall campaign performance. Our client wasn't as niche as we thought it was and our specific ad copy was TOO specific. We found that our more generic ads received more clicks and our niche ad groups such as postnatal fitness and mums were unsuccessful.

The girls and I are now busy working on our post-campaign strategy, powerpoint presentation AND personal reflections. The challenge may be over but we are STILL working hard. You will also be able to hear more from us girls once my online magazine is up and running. This challenge has given me the Internet bug and the online magazine I have always wanted to have will be created soon. Calli who owns a website design company ** will be designing the website. Sarah has offered to create the magazines logo and help with graphics. I will be the editor-in-chief and have already got some writers volunteering their services. The ECU Girls are going to take the Internet world by storm!! lol

- Natasha

Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 11..

Good Evening Everyone..
We are now in the middle of the challenge and well, after a brillant sucess with our pre-campaign strategy (well done girls :p), we are a bit concerned about the time we will have to write our post's one, which is apparently due few days after the actual campaign finishes. Anyway, we're already thinking about it and we'll try to do our best!

Our CTR is now higher as we removed the content network from our campaign settings
(that one has generated many impressions but few clicks in comparaison), but yeah we still need to improve our ads. We might do some changes next thursday and increase the budget as we didnt spend half of it yet.. hope the 10more days left will be full of surprises!

Winter is coming and so does the exam period... Im a bit stressed, but heyhey that means holidays are coming too.. Im flying back to Reunion and to France for more than a month; Lucky me :p Just have to be patient til then (its not really hard as the challenge keeps me quite buisy!)

Sign off for now..

- Sarah =)